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3.4. Verifying the Downloaded Files

The software details page for each download also contains the MD5 checksum values for that download. These values are used to verify the integrity of your downloaded files. You can use the md5sum utility as detailed below to calculate the checksum values of the files to compare to the supplied values on the website. The checksum values are also documented in Table 3.1, “JBoss EAP MD5 checksum values” for completeness.


The command line examples given are accurate for most Linux and Unix operating systems. Mac OS X includes the equivalent command md5.
If you are using Microsoft Windows you will have to download a third party utility to perform these steps as it does not include a MD5SUM tool.
After you have downloaded the file, run the md5sum utility and specify the file you downloaded as the first argument as demonstrated here:

Example 3.1. Using the md5sum tool on Linux or Unix

$ md5sum 
The values that are generated by the md5sum utility must be the same as both the values that are displayed on the Downloads page for the file and those documented in Table 3.1, “JBoss EAP MD5 checksum values”. If they are not the same then then your download is either incomplete or corrupted. You will need to download it again. If after several attempts you are unable to download a copy of the file that produces a valid checksum values you should open a support case to report the problem.
Below is the complete list of the MD5 checksums for all the JBoss EAP packages available for download.

Table 3.1. JBoss EAP MD5 checksum values

File MD5 Checksum
JBEAP4.3.0-re20090408.0-i386-disc1-ftp.iso 5561e56f493049b6cd147cdf481d6b57
JBEAP4.3.0-re20090408.0-x86_64-disc1-ftp.iso 07ef18ab2b14858be0efd9a7e1af1e5d
RHEL5.2-JBEAP-4.3.0-20090408.0-i386-disc1-ftp.iso c9b80dacc96a5c31c9de2352cbe87011
RHEL5.2-JBEAP-4.3.0-20090408.0-x86_64-disc1-ftp.iso 077f2fd28ce3a05c769e2963f29c97cf
enterprise-installer-4.3.0.GA_CP03.jar 7020b8fea3abdfb6c1caeae577dba059 4ebffbd38fcb7e259d1d9abbd40b058a b981279cb8e9127d918d62beddda3516 3f750b0bd3ec997658a7368cb46e912a 45a3abcfd95d40322d92bd5a0e7dd6ee