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Red Hat Training

A Red Hat training course is available for JBoss Enterprise Application Platform Common Criteria Certification

3.3. Downloading JBoss EAP from the Red Hat Network

JBoss EAP can be downloaded from the Red Hat Network,
After you have logged in, you can locate the appropriate download channel for your system by clicking on the Channels menu item at the top of the page. From the Filter by Product Channel menu select the JBoss Application Platform, version 4.3.0, the architecture of your server, and then click on the Filter button.
The following image is an example filter search and displays all versions of the EAP that are available. For the certified version of JBoss EAP select JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 4.3.0.


Note that the menu items here refer to the version as being 4.3.0 CP03 while the listed files use 4.3.0.GA_CP03 in their names. They are both referring to the same version.
Searching for the JBoss Enterprise Application Platform

Figure 3.7. Searching for the JBoss Enterprise Application Platform

Each of the displayed channels for JBoss EAP delivers the files in the slightly different way. These are described in the following two sections.

3.3.1. JBoss Enterprise Middleware (All)

This channel provides JBoss EAP packaged in zip files as well as a Java installer. These can be installed on any supported platform.
After you have selected the JBoss Enterprise Middleware channel, you are presented with the Download Details page for JBoss EAP. Initially the Details tab will be selected. Clicking on the tab labeled Downloads and the list of the downloads for JBoss EAP will be displayed.


The files listed here are those of the most recent JBoss Enterprise Application Server release. Once 4.3.CP03 is superseded by another version you will have to click on the View ISO Images for Older Releases link and then JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 4.3.0 CP03 to access the files for the evaluated configuration.
JBoss EAP download file list

Figure 3.8. JBoss EAP download file list

The packages listed above can be explained as follows:
  • enterprise-installer-4.3.0.GA_CP03.jar: The graphical installer for EAP 4.3.0.CP03.
  • The files that make up the EAP 4.3.0.CP03 install.
  • The documentation for EAP 4.3.0.CP03.
  • The source code distribution for EAP 4.3.0.CP03.
  • The patch for Security Notice CVE-2009-0027.
As well as the installation package of your choice you must also download the patch for Security Notice CVE-2009-0027. Installation instructions for this patch are found in Section 3.5, “Installing the Security Notice CVE-2009-0027 patch”.
After downloading these files you need to validate their authenticity according to the directions in Section 3.4, “Verifying the Downloaded Files”.