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Chapter 4. Launching the JBoss EAP Server

JBoss EAP includes a startup script for both Linux/Unix platforms & Microsoft Windows as well a configuration file , run.conf, which determines the startup environment of the server. For Linux and Unix installations the startup script is and on Microsoft Windows installations it is run.bat. Regardless of platform the script is located in $JBOSS_HOME/bin.
JBoss EAP has been certified both with and without the use of the Java Security Manger. If you use the Java Security Manager, you must also use the policy settings as defined in Appendix D, Required Java Security Manager Policy File. Operating JBoss EAP using the Java Security Manager and different policy settings is not considered to be a certified configuration.
This allows two modes of operation which affect how JBoss EAP can protect itself against the behavior of applications. As the administrator of your JBoss EAP server, you must decide which mode of operation is most appropriate. These modes are discussed fully below.

4.1. Starting the JBoss EAP Server

To start the JBoss EAP server simply use the supplied start up script which is appropriate for your platform. However you must use the -c command parameter to specify the production server configuration.

Example 4.1. Starting the JBoss EAP server on Unix or Linux

$ cd $JBOSS_HOME/bin 
$ ./ -c production

Example 4.2. Starting the JBoss EAP server on Windows

cd %JBOSS_HOME%/bin 
$ run.bat -c production
JBoss EAP's default behavior is to run without the use of the Java Security Manager. This means that any application deployed on JBoss EAP will be running in the same namespace as JBoss EAP itself. In this environment it is possible that an application deployed on JBoss EAP may interfere with the execution of JBoss EAP itself either accidentally or intentionally.
If you choose to run without using the Java Security Manger & specified policy settings then you are responsible for performing your own risk analysis to ensure that deployed applications do not contain bugs that may be abused by users of the application to circumvent the security functionality of JBoss EAP.