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Red Hat Training

A Red Hat training course is available for JBoss Enterprise Application Platform Common Criteria Certification

Chapter 3. Downloading and Verifying the Packages

JBoss EAP is delivered on line through the Red Hat JBoss Customer Support Portal (CSP) at and through the Red Hat Network (RHN) at JBoss EAP is available as ZIP files from CSP and as ZIP and RPM files from RHN.
To ensure the authenticity of the downloaded software you need to verify the authenticity of the files and their source.


Unless specifically stated otherwise the screenshots and other samples shown in this section are only examples. The actual presentation of the download websites may change overtime.

3.1. Verify the Authenticity of the Download Site.

Red Hat JBoss Customer Support Portal and Red Hat Network are secure sites. This is indicated by the 'lock' icon in the browser status bar. The lock may also present itself in the address bar depending on what browser you are using.


The following images have been taken with the Firefox3 and Firefox2 web browsers. While most popular web-browsers display this information in a very similar manner it may differ slightly to these images.
Secure site 'lock' icon displayed in the Firefox3 status bar.

Figure 3.1. Secure site 'lock' icon displayed in the Firefox3 status bar.

Secure site 'lock' icon displayed in the Firefox2 address bar.

Figure 3.2. Secure site 'lock' icon displayed in the Firefox2 address bar.

If these items are not visible you may wish to check the authenticity of the site by viewing the identity certificate. To give an example of how this can be done, we will use the Firefox web browser.
Within the Firefox browser, go to Tools in the top menu bar and then click on Page Info. From here click the Security icon and then the View Certificate button.
The certificate will display details such as who the owner of the page is, who issued the certificate, when it was issued and when it expires as well as SHA1 and MD5 fingerprint verification strings. An example of the certificate for follows.
The RHN certification certificate

Figure 3.3. The RHN certification certificate

If neither of the lock icons are present in your browser and a verified certificate cannot be found, this may mean that you are not at the correct site. If you are unable to reach the secure Red Hat JBoss Customer Support Portal or Red Hat Network sites you should contact Red Hat Support and report this problem.