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Red Hat Training

A Red Hat training course is available for JBoss Enterprise Application Platform Common Criteria Certification

Chapter 1. Introduction

1.1. Purpose of this Document

This document is a security guide for administrators and application developers who wish to use JBoss Enterprise Application Platform (JBoss EAP) 4.3.0 GA CP03 in its certified Common Criteria compliant secure configuration. It is intended to be self-contained in addressing the most important issues at a high level, and refers to other existing documentation where more details are needed. Knowledge of the Common Criteria is not required for readers of this document.
JBoss EAP Version 4.3.0 GA CP03 is the subject of this document as the Target of Evaluation (TOE) for Common Criteria certification. JBoss EAP Version 4.3.0 GA CP03 has been evaluated under Common Criteria version 3.1 at level of assurance EAL2 augmented with ALC_FLR.3. This provides assurance that the product has been structurally tested.
All usages of the term "JBoss EAP" in this document refer to the Common Criteria certified configuration of JBoss EAP Version 4.3.0 GA CP03.
Chapter 1 contains a brief introduction to the CC certification & the structure of this book.
Chapter 2 contains the requirements for deploying the certified product.
Chapter 3 contains the steps that are required in downloading &verifying the authenticity of the CC product.
Chapter 4 provides instructions on how to start the server and the different modes of operation.
Chapter 5 contains guidelines for developers creating applications for JBoss EAP
Chapter 6 contains the details of the security implementation & usage limitations of the CC product.
Should there be any discrepancy between information contained in this guide and any other product documentation, the CC Guide information takes precedence, as it addresses the requirements for the evaluated configuration of JBoss EAP.