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Chapter 1. Introduction to cost management

This document provides instructions to begin using cost management, including prerequisites and instructions for connecting your cloud environments, and configuring users and permissions.

After completing the setup described in this guide, you will be able to track cost and usage data for your Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and OpenShift Container Platform environments.

If you have a suggestion for improving this guide or have found an error, please submit a Bugzilla report at against Red Hat Hybrid Cloud Console ( for the cost management component. Alternatively, you can open an issue in the cost management Jira board with the Documentation label.

1.1. About cost management

Cost management is an OpenShift Container Platform service that enables you to better understand and track costs for clouds and containers. It is based on the upstream project Koku.

You can access the cost management application from

Cost management allows you to simplify management of resources and costs across various environments, including:

  • Container platforms such as OpenShift Container Platform
  • Public clouds such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure

The cost management application allows you to:

  • Visualize, understand and analyze the use of resources and costs
  • Forecast your future consumption and compare them with budgets
  • Optimize resources and consumption
  • Identify patterns of usage that should be investigated
  • Integrate with third party tools that can benefit from cost and resourcing data

1.2. Planning for cost management

When configuring cost management for your needs, consider the scope of your environments that you want to manage costs for, and the users who will have access to the data.

Some considerations in creating a new Red Hat organization and users for different customer types include:


  • Customer company wide
  • Customer division or organization wide
  • Partner company managing several tenants


  • How does your business need the data? Do you want information about projects, or users, for example?
  • Planning AWS tags to reflect previous use cases.
  • Enforcement: Is there any way for you to ensure that the proper tags and metadata are included in each item of the inventory?

User access:

  • What level of access do you want your users to have?
  • Do you want some users to have access to all cost data, while other users can view only a portion of the environment or certain sources?