Chapter 1. Using Cost Explorer

The cost management Cost Explorer, allows you to see your costs through time. Using the Cost Explorer, you can now filter through your spend to find answers to your questions, see details, and look for trends in data.

1.1. Understanding Cost Explorer

The cost management Cost Explorer allows you to create custom graphs of time-scaled cost and usage information to better visualize and interpret your costs.

With Cost Explorer you can:

  • Identify abnormal events.
  • Understand how you cost data changes over time.
  • Create custom bar charts of your cost and usage data.
  • Export custom cost data files.

Figure 1.1. The Cost Explorer Interface

cost explorer

A single bar in the Cost Explorer chart represents one day of cost and usage data corresponding to the filtered options. The five most significant metrics are individually displayed and all other metrics placed into the Others category. See Section 1.2, “Filtering cost data with Cost Explorer” for more information on filtering your cost and usage data.

1.2. Filtering cost data with Cost Explorer

Using the filter options in Cost Explorer you can customize what data to view.

This example shows how to see the costs related to an OpenShift Container Platform project from the previous 30 days.



  1. From the Cost Explorer, select a Perspective. For example, select All OpenShift Cost to view your cumulative openshift costs.
  2. Select a grouping. For example, with OpenShift Container Platform you can group by Project, Node, Cluster, or Tag. With other perspective views, the Group by options will change accordingly.
  3. If desired, specify one or more Projects, Nodes, Clusters, or Tags by name.
  4. Select Last 30 days to view the cost data from the previous 30 days.
  5. Repeat these steps for different perspectives and groupings to better understand your costs.

Next Steps

After filtering your data, you can export it into a CSV file. See Section 1.3, “Exporting cost data” for more information.

1.3. Exporting cost data

Use the Cost Explorer to export customized CSV files of cost data to your local workstation. These files contain more details about your cost data that you can apply in your desired reporting tool.



  1. Navigate to the Cost Explorer application.
  2. Use the Cost Explorer filter options to create the desired information.
  3. Select items to be exported in the list populated below the Cost Explorer graph.
  4. Click the export icon Export button.
  5. Click Generate and Download.

    The CSV file will download to your local system.