Chapter 4. Install and Upgrade Workflow: What Tasks Do I Need To Complete?

The recommended, best practice method for deploying Container-Native Storage 3.9 and Container-Ready Storage 3.9 is to deploy with the Openshift Container Platform 3.9 Advanced Installer, as documented in the "24.3. Persistent Storage Using Red Hat Gluster Storage" procedure in the OpenShift Container Platform 3.9 Installation and Configuration Guide:
The following content in this "Install and Upgrade Workflow" chapter lists the workflow for different use cases for Installing or Upgrading a Container-Native Storage or Container-Ready Storage environment with the cns-deploy tool.

4.1. (Install) Existing Environment: OpenShift Container Platform and Container-Native Storage are not installed

4.1.1. Customer Objective

Install OpenShift Container Platform 3.9 and Container-Native Storage 3.9.

4.1.2. Prerequisites