13.2.4. Viewing Highest Open Calls on Directory

You can view list of files which has highest open calls on directories of each brick. If brick name is not specified, then the metrics of all the bricks belonging to that volume will be displayed.
To view list of open calls on each directory
  • View list of open calls on each directory using the following command:
    # gluster volume top VOLNAME opendir [brick BRICK-NAME] [list-cnt cnt]
    For example, to view open calls on brick server:/export/ of test-volume:
    # gluster volume top test-volume opendir brick server:/export/ list-cnt 10
    Brick: server:/export/dir1 
             ==========Directory open stats========
    Opendir count     directory name
    1001              /clients/client0/~dmtmp
    454               /clients/client8/~dmtmp
    454               /clients/client2/~dmtmp
    454               /clients/client6/~dmtmp
    454               /clients/client5/~dmtmp
    454               /clients/client9/~dmtmp
    443               /clients/client0/~dmtmp/PARADOX
    408               /clients/client1/~dmtmp
    408               /clients/client7/~dmtmp
    402               /clients/client4/~dmtmp