11.3. Starting Geo-replication

This section describes how to configure and start Geo-replication in your storage environment, and verify that it is functioning correctly.

11.3.1. Starting Geo-replication

To start Geo-replication
  • Start geo-replication between the hosts using the following command:
    # gluster volume geo-replication MASTER SLAVE start
    For example:
    # gluster volume geo-replication Volume1 example.com:/data/remote_dir start
    Starting geo-replication session between Volume1
    example.com:/data/remote_dir has been successful


    You must configure the service before starting Geo-replication. For more information, see Section 11.3.4, “Configuring Geo-replication”.


You must not start geo-replication session on a volume that has a replace-brick operation in progress. If you start the session, there is a possibility of data loss on the slave.