18.4.6. Configuring Container Server

The Container Server’s primary job is to handle listings of objects. The listing is done by querying the glusterFS mount point with path. This query returns a list of all files and directories present under that container.
The configurable options pertaining to container server are stored in /etc/swift/container-server/1.conf file. The following is the sample container-server/1.conf file:
devices = /srv/1/node
mount_check = false
bind_port = 6011
user = root
log_facility = LOG_LOCAL2

pipeline = gluster container-server

use = egg:swift#container

use = egg:swift#gluster

The following are the configurable options:

Table 18.5. Container Server - Configurable Default Options

Option Default Description
swift_dir /etc/swift Swift configuration directory.
devices /srv/node Mount parent directory where devices are mounted.
mount_check true Whether or not check if the devices are mounted to prevent accidentally writing to the root device.
bind_ip IP address for server to bind.
bind_port 6001 Port for server to bind.
workers 1 Number of workers to fork.
user swift Swift user.

Table 18.6. Container Server - Configurable Server Options

Option Default Description
use egg:swift#container Entry point for paste.deploy for the container server.
log_name container-server Label used when logging.
log_facility LOG_LOCAL0 Syslog log facility.
log_level INFO Logging level.
node_timeout 3 Request timeout to external services.
conn_timeout 0.5 Connection timeout to external services.