18.4.5. Configuring Object Server

The Object Server is a very simple blob storage server that can store, retrieve, and delete objects stored on local devices. Objects are stored as binary files on the file system with metadata stored in the file’s extended attributes (xattrs). This requires that the underlying file system choice for object servers support xattrs on files.
The configurable options pertaining to Object Server are stored in the file /etc/swift/object-server/1.conf. The following is the sample object-server/1.conf file:
devices = /srv/1/node
mount_check = false
bind_port = 6010
user = root
log_facility = LOG_LOCAL2

pipeline = gluster object-server

use = egg:swift#object 

use = egg:swift#gluster

vm_test_mode = yes

The following are the configurable options:

Table 18.3. Object Server - Configurable Default Options

Option Default Description
swift_dir /etc/swift Swift configuration directory.
devices /srv/node Mount parent directory where devices are mounted.
mount_check true Whether or not check if the devices are mounted to prevent accidentally writing to the root device.
bind_ip IP Address for server to bind.
bind_port 6000 Port for server to bind.
workers 1 Number of workers to fork.

Table 18.4. Object Server - Configurable Server Options

Option Default Description
use egg:swift#object Entry point for paste.deploy for the object server. For most cases, this should be egg:swift#object.
log_name object-server Log name used when logging.
log_facility LOG_LOCAL0 Syslog log facility.
log_level INFO Logging level.
log_requests True Whether or not to log each request.
user swift Swift user.
node_timeout 3 Request timeout to external services.
conn_timeout 0.5 Connection timeout to external services.
network_chunk_size 65536 Size of chunks to read or write over the network.
disk_chunk_size 65536 Size of chunks to read or write to disk.
max_upload_time 65536 Maximum time allowed to upload an object.
slow 0 If > 0, minimum time in seconds for a PUT or DELETE request to complete.