18.4. Configuring Unified File and Object Storage

This section provides instructions on how to configure Unified File and Object Storage in your storage environment.

18.4.1. Adding Users

The authentication system allows the administrator to grant different levels of access to different users based on the requirement. The following are the types of user permissions:
  • admin user
  • normal user
Admin user has read and write permissions on the account. By default, a normal user has no read or write permissions. A normal user can only authenticate itself to get a Auth-Token. Read or write permission are provided through ACLs by the admin users.
Add a new user by adding the following entry in /etc/swift/proxy-server.conf file:
user_<account-name>_<user-name> = <password> [.admin]
The account name should be the name of the Red Hat Storage volume. When a user is granted read/write permission on an account, it means that the user has access to all the data available on that Red Hat Storage volume.
For example,
user_test_tester = testing .admin


During installation, the installation script adds few sample users to the proxy-server.conf file. It is highly recommended that you remove all the default sample user entries from the configuration file.
For more information on setting ACLs, see Section, “ Setting ACLs on Container ”.