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3.0 Release Notes

Release Notes for Red Hat Software Collections 3.0 Beta

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The Red Hat Software Collections 3.0 Beta Release Notes document the major features and contain important information about known problems in Red Hat Software Collections 3.0 Beta.
The Red Hat Developer Toolset collection is documented in the Red Hat Developer Toolset Release Notes and the Red Hat Developer Toolset User Guide.
This version of the document is provided only as a preview. It is under development and is subject to substantial change. Consider the included information incomplete and use it with caution.
1. Red Hat Software Collections 3.0 Beta
1.1. About Red Hat Software Collections
1.1.1. Red Hat Developer Toolset
1.2. Main Features
1.3. Changes in Red Hat Software Collections 3.0 Beta
1.3.1. Overview
1.3.2. General Changes
1.3.3. Changes in Red Hat Developer Toolset
1.3.4. Changes in MariaDB
1.3.5. Changes in Maven
1.3.6. Changes in MongoDB
1.3.7. Changes in nginx
1.3.8. Changes in Node.js
1.3.9. Changes in PHP
1.3.10. Changes in PostgreSQL
1.3.11. Changes in Python
1.3.12. Changes in Apache httpd
1.4. Compatibility Information
1.5. Known Issues
1.6. Deprecated Functionality
2. Installation
2.1. Getting Access to Red Hat Software Collections
2.1.1. Using Red Hat Subscription Management
2.1.2. Using RHN Classic
2.1.3. Packages from the Optional Channel
2.2. Installing Red Hat Software Collections
2.2.1. Installing Individual Software Collections
2.2.2. Installing Optional Packages
2.2.3. Installing Debugging Information
2.3. Uninstalling Red Hat Software Collections
2.4. Rebuilding Red Hat Software Collections
3. Usage
3.1. Using Red Hat Software Collections
3.1.1. Running an Executable from a Software Collection
3.1.2. Running a Shell Session with a Software Collection as Default
3.1.3. Running a System Service from a Software Collection
3.2. Accessing a Manual Page from a Software Collection
3.3. Deploying Applications That Use Red Hat Software Collections
3.4. Red Hat Software Collections Container Images
4. Specifics of Individual Software Collections
4.1. Red Hat Developer Toolset
4.2. Eclipse 4.6.3
4.2.1. Installing Eclipse
4.2.2. Using Eclipse
4.2.3. Additional Resources
4.3. Thermostat
4.4. Ruby on Rails 5.0
4.5. MongoDB 3.4
4.6. Git
4.7. Maven
4.8. Passenger
5. Migration
5.1. Migrating to MariaDB 10.2
5.1.1. Notable Differences Between the rh-mariadb101 and rh-mariadb102 Software Collections
5.1.2. Upgrading from the rh-mariadb101 to the rh-mariadb102 Software Collection
5.2. Migrating to MongoDB 3.4
5.2.1. Notable Differences Between MongoDB 3.2 and MongoDB 3.4
5.2.2. Upgrading from the rh-mongodb32 to the rh-mongodb34 Software Collection
5.3. Migrating to MySQL 5.7
5.3.1. Notable Differences Between MySQL 5.6 and MySQL 5.7
5.3.2. Upgrading to the rh-mysql57 Software Collection
5.4. Migrating to PostgreSQL 9.6
5.4.1. Notable Differences Between PostgreSQL 9.5 and PostgreSQL 9.6
5.4.2. Migrating from a Red Hat Enterprise Linux System Version of PostgreSQL to the PostgreSQL 9.6 Software Collection
5.4.3. Migrating from the PostgreSQL 9.5 Software Collection to the PostgreSQL 9.6 Software Collection
5.5. Migrating to nginx 1.12
6. Additional Resources
6.1. Red Hat Product Documentation
6.2. Red Hat Developer Blog
6.3. Red Hat Developers Portal
A. Revision History