5.8. Solaris Directory Structure

The following is the default directory layout after a successful installation:
|- /opt/redhat/ews/
    |- bin
    |- doc
    |- etc
    |- lib
    |- lib64 (present only for x86_64 systems platforms)
    |- include
    |- README
    |- man
    |- share
      |- tomcat5
      |- tomcat6
      |- extras
      |- java
    |- sbin
    |- var
The Solaris directory structure is different to the Red Hat Enterprise Linux structure. This is because:
  • Native Solaris packages require the absolute location
  • Solaris (and other non-Red Hat Enterprise Linux platforms) must ship and build all the dependent components such as openldap, openssl, db4 and cyrus-sasl.