3.3.2. RHN Channels for JBoss Enterprise Web Server Installation Packages

To be able to download and install JBoss Enterprise Web Server RPM packages, you need to subscribe to the channels with the resources intended for your operating system version and architecture (refer to Section 3.3.3, “Installing Enterprise Web Server from RPM Files”):
  • on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6:
    • jb-ews-1-i386-server-6-rpm
    • jb-ews-1-x86_64-server-6-rpm
  • on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5:
    • jb-ews-1-i386-server-5-rpm
    • jb-ews-1-x86_64-server-5-rpm
  • on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4:
    • jb-ews-1-i386-as-4-rpm
    • jb-ews-1-x86_64-as-4-rpm
    • jb-ews-1-i386-es-4-rpm
    • jb-ews-1-x86_64-es-4-rpm