3.2. Installing Enterprise Web Server from a ZIP File

Make sure that you have installed all the required packages before you install JBoss Enterprise Web Server from a ZIP file (refer to Procedure 3.2, “Installing Required Packages”).

3.2.1. Downloading and Extracting the ZIP File

To install JBoss Enterprise Web Server, download and extract the installation ZIP file. The ZIP file is available on the Red Hat Customer Portal.

Procedure 3.4. Downloading the Enterprise Web Server ZIP File

Download the JBoss Enterprise Web Server ZIP file from the Red Hat Customer Portal site:
  1. Open http://access.redhat.com in your web browser.
  2. In the upper right corner, click the Log in button.
  3. Enter your login information and click Log in.
  4. Hover over the Downloads option in the menu bar at the top of the page and under JBoss Enterprise Middleware in the displayed menu, click Downloads.
  5. In the Product drop-down box column, click Web Server.
  6. On the Software Downloads page, select the product version in the Version drop-down box and in the Releases tab below, click the JBoss EWS link with the correct version.
  7. On the Software Details page, click the Download button next to the File drop-down box.


    Make sure the file is intended for your operating system and architecture.
  8. Confirm the file download.
  9. After the ZIP file has downloaded successfully, follow Procedure 3.5, “Extracting the ZIP File” to extract the JBoss Enterprise Web Server ZIP file.

Procedure 3.5. Extracting the ZIP File

Unzip the downloaded ZIP file:
  1. On the command line, change to the directory with the ZIP file.
  2. Run the following unzip command:
    Substitute FILE_NAME with the name of the downloaded file and TARGET_DIRECTORY with the path to the target directory.


    The target directory and thus the installation directory of the JBoss Enterprise Web Server is referred to as $EWS_HOME. The formatting <EWS_HOME> is used to indicate that the entire path to the directory is used; for example <EWS_HOME>/httpd could refer to the /opt/jboss-ews-1.0/httpd path.
    After the ZIP file is extracted, configure the environment properly before running JBoss Enterprise Web Server (refer to Section 3.2.2, “Configuring the Environment”).