Chapter 1. Introduction

JBoss Enterprise Web Server is a fully-integrated and certified set of components for hosting of Java web applications. It is comprised of the web server (Apache HTTP Server), the Apache Tomcat Servlet container, load balancers (mod_jk and mod_cluster), and the Tomcat Native library.
This Installation Guide documents relevant information regarding the installation, minor upgrade, and basic configuration of JBoss Enterprise Web Server on the supported operating systems.

1.1. Components

JBoss Enterprise Web Server consists of the following components:
  • Apache Tomcat is a servlet container in accordance with Java Servlet Specification. JBoss Enterprise Web Server contains Apache Tomcat 6 and Apache Tomcat 5.
  • Apache Native is a Tomcat library, which improves Tomcat scalability, performance, and integration with native server technologies. It also contains an implementation of APR (Apache Portable Runtime). APR is a binary protocol for communication of Apache HTTP Server and Apache Tomcat.
  • Apache Tomcat Connectors (mod_jk, mod_cluster) are connectors between Apache HTTP Server and Apache Tomcat. Note that mod_cluster is a JBoss native load balancer and is more efficient, reliable, and scalable than mod_jk.
  • Apache HTTP Server is an open-source web server developed by the Apache Software Foundation. The implementation follows the current HTTP standards.

    SSL Support

    The delivered Apache HTTP Server by default provides the support for the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol. To remove it, refer to the section on removing SSL for your installation.
  • Hibernate is an object-relational mapping framework. The delivered Hibernate contains Hibernate Core, Hibernate Annotations, Hibernate EntityManager with JPA 1.0 APIs.

Enterprise Web Server is distributed with Red Hat Signed JARs

Red Hat products, including Red Hat Enterprise Linux, are signed with a Red Hat Key to indicate that these packages and JARs are shipped by Red Hat. With Red Hat Signed JARs you can be confident that your product distribution is exactly the distribution that was shipped by Red Hat.

Deprecation of tomcat-jkstatus-ant

Currently, the tomcat-jkstatus-ant library is included in JBoss Enterprise Web Server. However, in the next release, the library will be deprecated and no longer included by default.