Chapter 5. Installing Enterprise Web Server on Solaris

On Solaris, JBoss Enterprise Web Server can be installed in two ways:
  • from a ZIP file
  • from Solaris packages
Both installation ZIP files and Solaris packages are available at Red Hat Customer Portal; however, their installation differs. JBoss Enterprise Web Server is run in the same way regardless of whether it was installed from a ZIP or Solaris package.

5.1. Prerequisites

Before installing JBoss Enterprise Web Server on Solaris, confirm that a supported Java version is installed (refer to Procedure 5.1, “Installing Java”).

Procedure 5.1. Installing Java

  1. Go to the Oracle homepage.
  2. Go to the download location.
  3. Run the Java installation file.
  4. Go to usr.
  5. Issue the following command to display the current Java symbolic link:
    ls -lad java
  6. Remove the link:
    rm java
  7. Create a java symbolic link to the JDK 1.6.0:
    ln -sf /usr/jdk/<JDK>