Chapter 3. Introduction

The Sportsclub application provides a real-world-inspired example of integrating Spring with JBoss Enterprise Application Platform. It consists of three web applications, which illustrate several use cases through various combinations of components and technologies. It also illustrates how to use the Snowdrop libraries to provide JBoss-specific features, such as creating a standalone deployment of an ApplicationContext and injecting beans from that application context into non-Spring components like Enterprise Java Beans (EJBs).
This book aims to illustrate the mechanics of using Spring with different Java EE 6 components in the specific context of JBoss Enterprise Application Platform, and to recommend methods of achieving certain integration goals.
The Sportsclub example is not intended as a guide to creating a domain model. Detailing the various layers of application and UI design is outside the scope of this document. As such, the example application has been designed to illustrate integration use cases, rather than to demonstrate a domain model that strictly follows principles of object-oriented and domain-driven design.
The Sportsclub example uses RichFaces as a component library for JavaServer Faces (JSF). Consult the RichFaces documentation for RichFaces-specific information.

3.1. Sportsclub example variants

The Sportsclub example is provided in several variants, with similar structures and functions. The variants differ in the version of Spring (3.2, 4.0, 4.1) used but all use Spring Security 3.2.x and Spring Webflow 2.4.x.