3.6. Application Development With RichFaces

Many businesses have expanded their services online in the form of webshops. Customers can browse merchandise and add items to a shopping cart to purchase them. While these webshops provide a simple way to connect with consumers, the current popularity of smart phones and mobile applications means there is an increasing demand for users to be able to access services on the go at the touch of a button. In addition, the amount of coding required to create a user interface for such a website can prove cumbersome.
Creating web applications has traditionally required a prior knowledge of JavaScript. This made the bar for getting into the mobile market very high for developers who were either not fluent in JavaScript or deterred by the amount of coding involved. With RichFaces, a developer can build rich, AJAX-enabled web applications without writing a single line of JavaScript.
Creating a user interfaces with RichFaces is fast and efficient. Unlike other user interface frameworks where an application is contained to the client, RichFaces uses a server-side rendering model. The HTML is generated on the server according to the state of the application, and is then sent to the client. This means users can access the applications to quickly obtain data, provided their device is online.
RichFaces provides a straightforward way to create easily accessible applications without the need for endless coding. No JavaScript expertise is required. User-friendly layouts can be created efficiently resulting in a functional, easily accessible interface.