3.4. Advantages of Using RichFaces

RichFaces provides a number of advantages for enterprise web application development:
  • Create complex application views using out-of-the-box components. The RichFaces user interface (UI) library (rich) contains components for adding rich interactive features to JSF applications. It extends the RichFaces framework to include a large set of Ajax-enabled components that come with extensive skinning support. Additionally, the RichFaces framework is designed to be used seamlessly with other third-party libraries on the same page, so you have more options for developing applications.
  • Write your own customized rich components with built-in Ajax support. The Component Development Kit (CDK), which is used for the RichFaces UI library creation, includes a code-generation facility and a templating facility using XHTML (extended hypertext markup language) syntax.
  • Generate binary resources on the fly. Extensions to JSF 2 resource-handling facilities can generate images, sounds, Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, and more during runtime.
  • Create a modern rich UI with skinning technology. RichFaces provides a skinning feature that allows you to define and manage different color schemes and other parameters of the look and feel. You can access the skin parameters from page code during runtime. RichFaces comes packaged with a number of skins to get you started, but you can also create your own customized skins too.