3.5. Advantages of RichFaces for Mobile Applications

Mobile versions of applications have become a necessity as more people use cellular devices to connect. The following are some of the issues commonly faced when using mobile JSF:
  • JSF does not inherently allow pass-through attributes. Most mobile frameworks, such as jQuery Mobile, depend on this when dealing with HTML.
  • It is important to maintain the native feel of the application. Back button capabilities, bookmarking and overall AJAX support are not inherited by JSF.
  • Content is forced to load into a single DOM.
  • Minimization of JavaScript and CSS.
  • Orientation, touch, and other viewport specific settings can be diminished.
To address these issues, RichFaces has a lightweight, mobile HTML5 based approach, which supports native transitions, back button, bookmarking, and touch support. Please check the Red Hat JBoss Web Framework Kit Release Notes for a list of supported web browsers.
There are no alterations to the component code or renderers, only JavaScript and CSS added to help make the application mobile. This approach is backwards-compatible with any RichFaces application and is built from the ground up to support legacy installations as well as new initiatives.