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Information for developers using RichFaces to build applications

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This API documentation contains information on using each of the fetaures comprising the RichFaces framework released as part of JBoss Web Framework Kit.

1. RichFaces API Documentation


RichFaces 4.x is deprecated from the release of JBoss Web Framework Kit 2.7.0. This means that no new features will be introduced to the RichFaces 4.x framework in JBoss Web Framework Kit 2.7.0 or later. As a tier 1 framework, Red Hat continues to support RichFaces 4.x and provide fixes under our standard support terms and conditions. For more information about the Red Hat support policy, see
The RichFaces framework is composed of individual APIs. Documentation for each API can be accessed with the following links:
The API documentation for RichFaces is also provided within the Red Hat JBoss Web Framework Kit RichFaces binary file, which can be downloaded from the Red Hat Customer Portal.

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