Red Hat JBoss Portal 6.2

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For use with Red Hat JBoss Portal 6.2.

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This document provides an easy to follow guide to the functions and options available in Red Hat JBoss Portal. It is intended to be accessible and useful to both experienced and novice portal users.
1. Document Conventions
1.1. Typographic Conventions
1.2. Pull-quote Conventions
1.3. Notes and Warnings
2. Getting Help and Giving Feedback
2.1. Do You Need Help?
2.2. We Need Feedback
I. Introduction
1. About the Portal
1.1. Related Links
1.2. Product Documentation
1.3. Supported Browsers
1.4. Accessibility Statement
2. Terminology
2.1. What is a Portal
2.2. What is a Portlet
2.3. What is a Portlet Container
2.4. What is the Toolbar
2.5. What are Gadgets
2.6. About Navigations
2.7. About Modes
2.8. About Permissions
2.8.1. Access Permissions
2.8.2. Edit Permissions
2.8.3. Move Apps and Move Containers Permissions
2.8.4. Move Apps Permission
2.8.5. Move Containers Permission
3. Elements of the Portal
3.1. Functional Portlets
3.2. Interface Portlets
3.3. The Dashboard
3.4. Using the Dashboard Workspace
3.5. Add Gadgets
4. Toolbar
4.1. What is the Toolbar
4.2. User Actions in the Toolbar
4.3. Administration Actions in the Toolbar
II. Portal Administration
5. Portals
5.1. Create a New Portal
5.2. Access a Portal
5.3. Edit Portal Layout
5.4. Edit Portal Navigation
5.5. Edit Portal Properties
5.6. Delete a Portal
5.7. Change Portal Skins
5.8. Switch Between Portals
5.9. Manage Services
6. Portlets and Gadgets
6.1. Import Portlets and Gadgets
6.2. Manage Portlets and Gadgets
6.3. Display Gadgets
6.4. Add a new Category
6.5. Edit a Category
6.6. Delete a Category
6.7. Add Applications to a Category
6.8. Set Access Permission on Portlets
6.9. View/Edit portlet/gadget information
6.10. Add a Gadget
6.11. Manage Gadgets
6.12. Edit a Gadget
7. Gadgets in Portal
8. Navigation Nodes
8.1. Manage Navigation Nodes
8.2. Add a new node
8.3. Edit a node
8.4. Copy a node
8.5. Clone nodes
8.6. Cut a node
8.7. Delete a node
8.8. Change Node Order
9. Pages
9.1. Add a New Page using the Page Creation Wizard
9.2. Add a New Page using Page Management
9.3. Edit a Page
9.4. Delete a Page
9.5. Drag and Drop the Page Body
III. Site Administration
10. Language
10.1. Change Interface Language
10.2. Language for a user
10.3. Set language for a user
10.4. Right To Left Support
10.5. Multi-Language Navigation Nodes
10.6. Key Format
10.7. Creating Keys
10.8. Creating Keys using Create Page Wizard
10.9. Creating Keys using Navigation Management
10.10. Providing translation
11. Permissions
11.1. Manage Permissions
11.2. Set Site Permissions
11.3. Set Access Permissions on a Site
11.4. Set Edit Permissions on a Site
11.5. Set Page Permission
11.6. Set Access Permissions on a Page
11.7. Set Edit Permissions on a Page
11.8. Set Access Permission on a Category
11.9. Set Access Permission on a Portlet
12. Site Redirection
12.1. Site Redirection
12.2. About Site Redirection
12.3. Manage Site Redirections
13. Mobile and Responsive Portal Site
13.1. Creating a Responsive Site
13.2. Portal Skin
13.3. Viewport
13.4. Mobile Template
13.5. Responsive Portlets
13.6. Portlet Layout
13.7. Creating Responsive Portlets
13.8. Manually Removing the Mobile Site
13.9. Deleting the Mobile Site and Configuration
IV. Accounts, Memberships, Groups, and Users
14. Accounts
14.1. Register New Accounts
14.2. Captcha Behavior
14.3. Sign In and Sign Out
14.4. Sign In
14.5. Sign Out
14.6. Remember User Account
14.7. Change Account Settings
14.8. Account and Password Retrieval
15. Memberships
15.1. Manage memberships
15.2. Add a new membership type
15.3. Edit a membership type
15.4. Delete a membership type
16. Groups
16.1. Manage groups
16.2. Add a New Group
16.3. Edit a group
16.4. Add a new user to a group
16.5. Edit the user membership in a group
16.6. Delete a group
17. Users
17.1. Manage Users and Groups
17.2. Roles
17.3. Manage users
17.4. Add a user
17.5. Search for users
17.6. Edit a user
17.7. Delete a user
A. Revision History