Red Hat JBoss Portal 6.2

Installation Guide

for use with Red Hat JBoss Portal 6.2 and its patch releases.

Jared Morgan

Red Hat, Ltd. Customer Content Services

Aakanksha Singh

Red Hat, Ltd. Customer Content Services

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This book provides information about obtaining, installing and running Red Hat JBoss Portal. It forms part of the complete document suite available at
1. Document Conventions
1.1. Typographic Conventions
1.2. Pull-quote Conventions
1.3. Notes and Warnings
2. Getting Help and Giving Feedback
2.1. Do You Need Help?
2.2. We Need Feedback
1. Documentation Advice
1.1. Cross-product content disclaimer
2. Introduction
2.1. Overview
2.2. New and Changed Features
3. Platform Requirements
3.1. Java Requirements
3.2. Hardware Requirements
3.3. Operational Requirements
4. Download the Platform
4.1. About the Red Hat Customer Portal
4.2. Available Downloads
4.3. Download the Platform and Related Plug-ins
4.3.1. Download Red Hat JBoss Portal
4.3.2. Download JBoss Operations Network Plug-in
5. Install the Platform
5.1. Install OpenJDK on Red Hat Enterprise Linux
5.2. Install Red Hat JBoss Portal
5.3. Install and Configure JBoss Operations Network Plug-in
5.4. Installation Structure and Details
5.5. Run as an Operating System Service
5.5.1. Install as a Service in Red Hat Enterprise Linux
5.6. Start as a Standalone Server
5.7. Test the Installation
5.8. Uninstall Red Hat JBoss Portal (Zip Installation)
6. Common Configuration
6.1. Network Ports Used By JBoss EAP 6
6.2. Configure Network Firewalls to Work with JBoss EAP 6
6.3. Add the User for the Management Interfaces
6.4. Default User Security Configuration
6.5. Adjust Memory Settings
7. Platform-specific Configuration
7.1. Configure the Portal Root Password
7.2. About JBoss Portal Domain Mode
7.3. Provision JCR and IDM Databases
7.4. JTA Support Configuration
7.4.1. JTA Support
7.4.2. JDBC Driver Download Locations
7.4.3. Install a JDBC Driver as a Core Module
7.4.4. Configure Datasources for JTA Support
7.4.5. Configure Hibernate and Picketlink
7.4.6. Last Resource Commit Optimization (LRCO)
7.5. Email Service Configuration
7.6. Email Notifications Configuration
7.7. Clustering Configuration
7.8. Setting mod_jk for Cluster Configuration
7.9. HTTPS Configuration
7.10. Enable HTTPS Communication
7.11. Specify White-list and Black-list Gadget Proxy Resources
7.12. Validator Configuration
7.13. Custom Password Policy
7.14. Password Encryption
7.14.1. About Remember Me Password Encryption
7.14.2. Symmetric Password Encryption
7.14.3. Customization using JCASymmmetricCodecBuilder
A. Revision History