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These release notes contain important information related to JBoss Site Publisher that may not be currently available in the Product Manuals. You should read these Release Notes in their entirety before installing the product.

Chapter 1. Introduction

JBoss Site Publisher (powered by eXo) is an add-on component for JBoss Enterprise Portal Platform. Site Publisher enables users to create, edit and publish rich web content within the context of their portal installation.


Subscriptions to JBoss Site Publisher are available at an additional fee over and above JBoss Enterprise Portal Platform subscriptions.
JBoss Site Publisher simplifies the authoring and management for every website an organization needs to deploy. It includes the ability to administer sites, manage navigation, and publish content. Site Publisher delivers powerful functionality to everyone responsible for maintaining web content:
  • Webmasters can easily administer multiple websites.
  • Website administrators can set permission policies according to user roles to better control website changes.
  • Content providers can use JBoss Enterprise Portal Platform’s tools to create content and then choose how to publish it using blogs, RSS feeds, social networks and more.
  • Web developers can introduce other forms of rich media content to create truly professional websites easily and efficiently.

Chapter 2. Installation

The JBoss Site Publisher Installation Guide contains detailed installation instructions as well as environment requirements.

Chapter 3. Component Features

New Components
The following new components warrant special mention.
In-line Editing
This updated functionality enables content authors to modify existing web content upon the page in which it is presented. All an author needs to do is double click on the content to launch the content editor within the page.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
A new interface for content authors provides a means to enter information to promote pages to different search engines and manage SEO settings on each page of the site.
Updated Authoring Interface
The authoring interface has been update to be more intuitive for content authors to more quickly and easily create and manage their content.

Chapter 4. Documentation

A User Guide for JBoss Site Publisher is available at Installing Site Publisher is covered in the JBoss Enterprise Portal Platform 5.2 Installation Guide, available at the same location.
JBoss Enterprise Portal Platform specific documentation is also available from this location.

Chapter 5.  Product Support Links

Developer Support Scope of Coverage, and Service Level Agreement

Chapter 6. New Features

It is now possible to inject custom Javascript per site the same way it was possible to inject custom stylesheets per site.

Chapter 7. Known Issues

A problem has been identified with adding roles as the root user using the User and Group Management interface, when following the instructions in Investigation is ongoing.

Chapter 8. Issues Resolved In Production

A problem with the search filter returned incorrect query results when filter options "Page" and "Document" were selected. Items of both types were returned independently on the options checked. The fix implements searching on SEO page metadata, which corrects the search result issue.
The Add Node button in Navigation Management (Site or Group) always created a new node at the top level, and not as a child of the selected node. This was counter-intuitive behavior and resulted in manual reordering after a node was created. The fix ensures new nodes are created as children of the selected node.
Broken Link Detection was mentioned in the user documentation as a feature. It was discovered that this feature was disabled by eXo Platform in Site Publisher. The information was removed from the documentation to ensure customers did not attempt to use a feature that no longer exists.
When an AccessControlException occurred, a stacktrace was logged, however there was no useful information to help identify the root cause of the problem. It was not possible to identify the root cause of the problem from the exception. The AccessControlException now contains details about the cause of the problem.

Chapter 9. Issues Resolved Upstream

This release contains Site Publisher issues resolved upstream by eXo Platform. The following major issues fixed by eXo Platform have been verified by the JBoss Enterprise Portal Platform Engineering team and included as part of this release.
Sometimes an Older version of document is shown instead of its last published one in published mode
RTF documents edition dialog should provide an upload box instead of the text area
SNF_ECMS_03: Draft document is displayed in public mode in CLV
Cannot load and merge the bundle
InlineEditing in exo:webContent nodetype
Startup error after JCR 1.14-CR1 upgrade
Date time format should be with correct time zone.
When a link is created (multi filling) search returns the document in double
Bug in Content Explorer when use Advanced Search
CLV: Cannot select a hidden detail page
On startup, lucene find more than one item with same uuid
WYSIWYG not retaining its value on category selection during Edit
WYSIWYG field not retaining its value on category selection in workflow
corrupted link in the WYSIWYG field
Bug in "View Properties" Component
CLV by query : shouldn't see app with Mary
Can not go to Space Document after create new Space
Return to main form whenever select document in CLV
[ECMS] Can not drag & drop node and show alert message
java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException appears when process by method splif of class NodeLocation
Cannot access Content Explorer portlet
Unable to download document from Space/Documents
can't access /ecmdemo : Locale classic cannot be parsed
JS content is modified when saving on SitesExplorer
Unknown error on "Add Drive", can't select applicable views
Failing when edit dialogs & views template
Cannot login into wcm system
Exception when remove a document
Incontext editing doesn't work
Can't add content/manage contents in Content List portlet
Can't save/create a file template
[WCM] Do not display folder tree when click Download and Allow Edition

Revision History

Revision History
Revision 5.2.0-3.4002013-10-31Rüdiger Landmann
Rebuild with publican 4.0.0
Revision 5.2.0-3Fri Aug 9 2013Jared Morgan
Updated the Product Name to reflect the new name grouping for the product. No update was made to details in the guide.
Revision 5.2.0-2Fri Feb 8 2013Jared Morgan
Updated location of Site Publisher Installation Guide in Chapter 4, Documentation.
Revision 5.2.0-1Thu Dec 15 2011Jared Morgan
Prepared Release Notes for JBoss Enterprise Portal Platform 5.2.0 GA.