5. Issues Resolved Upstream

The following issues were resolved upstream:
A bug that prevented users from logging in using the pre-formatted URL http://localhost:8080/ecmdemo/login?username=john&password=gtn&initialURI=/ecmdemo/private/classic has been corrected with an upstream patch.
An bug found when setting a Publication Lifecycle resulted in the Authoring life-cycle being activated regardless of the user's selection. This behavior has been corrected with an upstream patch.
This patch also corrects a similar behavior as documented in https://jira.exoplatform.org/browse/ECMS-1534.
A bug which prevented custom .war files from being successfully imported through the Application Registry of the ecmdemo domain has been corrected.
A bug resulting in an Unexpected Error encountered when adding a document to /exo:ecm/exo:taxonomyTrees/definition/acme has been resolved.
A ConstraintViolationException encountered when importing a versioned nt:folder node was found to be caused by the nt:versionedChild disallowing nt:versionedChild subnodes. An upstream patch has corrected this behavior, avoiding the error and allowing successful import of versioned subnodes and their history.
An upstream patch has modified Site Publisher's default behavior if an invalid value was entered as a file Category. Now, instead of clearing the field without feedback, a warning message is displayed that informs the user that they have entered an invalid value.
A memory leak discovered in PortletFutureCache has been corrected.
A code bug prevented PDF files attached to Article documents from being viewable in the Content Detail Portlet. This has been corrected with an upstream patch.
A bug was encountered that caused the Content by URL portlet to display incorrect content to public users in some instances. For instance; the URL pointing to document1 might correctly show document1 in one browser window, while the same URL might incorrectly present document2 in a different browser tab or window.
An upstream patch has resolved this issue.
A bug that prevented a new file (either uploaded or created) from appearing under a taxonomy tree immediately after it had been added to that taxonomy category has been corrected in an upstream patch.
A code bug that prevented Internet Explorer 8 from sanitizing special (accented) characters in URLs has been corrected.
A bug in the pagination code prevented the Pager in Content Selector from rendering page views correctly in Internet Explorer 8, Firefox 3.5 or Google Chrome. This bug was fixed in an upstream patch.
Upstream patches have corrected code bugs that resulted in multi-valued WYSIWYG fields being uneditable and set to null.
A warning message has been added to the Manage Users form to advise users attempting to delete Administrator privileges that they cannot do so.
The Newsletter category General and the subscription Check-list are no longer loaded by default.
A patch has been applied to the code which implements a task within the JCR to remove any unassigned symlinks. This update resolves the issue of symlinks being retained in the JCR after the original object is deleted.
A bug that prevented the Manage Lock list from updating with a group added to the lock list in Group Management has been corrected in a upstream patch.
https://jira.exoplatform.org/browse/ECMS-1502, https://jira.exoplatform.org/browse/ECMS-1754
Upstream patches have resolved various bugs in the RSS function that resulted in some feed URLs pointing to incorrect content or not rendering correctly if they contained special or accented characters. RSS links now work as expected.
A new feature has been added to Site Publisher which displays a warning message when a user is about to close a document that has unsaved changes. The message warns the user that they will lose unsaved changes if they close the current document.
A bug that prevented users from opening nodes whose names begin with a period (.) has been corrected. Users can now open files as expected.
A code bug that produced an error message when adding universal permissions (*) to view new system elements (views, templates, etc) after adding tag permissions for managers has been corrected by an upstream patch.
A bug which resulted in newly added node properties not appearing in the property list has been corrected in an upstream patch.
https://jira.exoplatform.org/browse/ECMS-1819, https://jira.exoplatform.org/browse/ECMS-1866
A bug which produced an "Unknown Error" message when attempting to save edited permission settings on nt:unstructured nodes has been resolved in an upstream patch.
A bug which prevented users from viewing the content of a document attached to an article in SCV has been corrected in an upstream patch.
A bug which produced an error pop-up when attempting to view an uploaded image while in "jailed" mode has been corrected in an upstream patch.
A bug that prevented the 'collapse' icon (-) from switching to the 'expand' icon (+) after a folder was collapsed has been corrected.
A code bug which may have revealed the edit/remove options on Queries to users without the required authorizations has been corrected. Edit permissions are now validated before the options are presented.
A code bug was found to revert the mode selector in the administration bar from Edit to Published when the user switched from one site to another, even though the edit buttons remained visible on page elements. This bug has been corrected in an upstream patch.
A bug which threw an exception when a user attempted to edit content which has different permissions than it's parent directory has been corrected.
A bug in the code caused Site Publisher to attempt to open a new page from the last opened folder rather than the correct file path. This caused an exception to be thrown in the console. This bug has been corrected in an upstream patch.
A bug which caused Site Publisher to throw an exception when a user attempted to create and use a Category which contained an accented character has been corrected in an upstream patch.
A bug which allowed empty property fields to overwrite original values when editing an uploaded content file (an image or pdf, for example), resulting in an exception has been corrected in an upstream patch.
A bug which caused published content in CLV portlets to remain visible and accessible even after it had been deleted has been corrected in an upstream patch.
A bug causing some browser tabs to show 'null', rather than the title of the Site Publisher page being viewed has been corrected.
A bug which caused the most recent versions of edited documents to appear on a page even after the document had been restored to an earlier (possibly non-edited version) has been corrected in an upstream patch.
A bug that prevented commenting on documents when using IE7 has been corrected.
A bug which threw an exception after a user attempted to access a Newsletter category after having deleted a newsletter from that category has been corrected in an upstream patch.
A bug which prevented newly created documents from appearing in simple searches has been corrected.
A bug which prevented a node that was locked by a user from being unlocked by an administrator has been corrected in an upstream patch.
Importing portlets through the Application Registry using the Import Application button results in some portlets being registered twice. This is because these portlets are registered once during the portal initialization and then registered again during the Import action.
A bug that prevented images uploaded during the creation of a free layout web content from saving to the to the appropriate content folder has been addressed in an upstream patch.
An upstream patch has improved the jQuery implementation in Site Publisher. This improvement allows developers and system administrators to include their own version of jQuery.
A bug which, in some circumstances, caused multi-line comments on free layout web contents to be truncated in the document view tab has been resolved in an upstream patch.
The fix for this bug should also resolve https://jira.exoplatform.org/browse/ECMS-2117
The node locking mechanism has been patched to allow children of locked nodes to be checked in, without modifying the parent node, as part of the publication process.
A bug which caused the ampersand characters that separate URL parameters to be rendered as & (and hence lost to the browser) when leaving in-context editing has been fixed with an upstream patch.
'Unknown Error' messages encountered when performing searches using special characters (eg; [ ] ' " *) have been corrected in an upstream patch. Site Publisher now escapes special characters correctly.
A bug that rendered the Category Content portlet blank when attempting to edit it after deleting the 'acme' category in the ACME example site has been patched upstream.
URLs generated using the 'Copy URL to clipboard' node context option were invalid as the URL path was hard-coded with the /rest-ecmdemo/private/jcr/ path, regardless of the location of the node being referenced. This error has been resolved in this release.
A bug in how Site Publisher displayed taxonomy names with more than twenty (20) characters has been corrected.
The SCVPortletPreferenceMigrationService service has been deactivated in the 'default' profile of this release of Site Publisher. This is to improve start up performance. The service has been commented out in the core-services-configuration.xml file and can be reactivated by removing the comment mark-up.
Chrome Browser: A bug which prevented the file upload pop-up window from closing after a user clicked the Save button has been resolved.
Chrome Browser: A bug which caused the Rich Text Editor to not honor site CSS styles has been resolved in an upstream patch.
A security vulnerability that allowed XSS javascript to be injected into a site through the text fields of view templates has been closed in this release. A front-side filter now removes any entered content inside <script> tags, any javascript calls and any on* attributes (such as onLoad and onClick before the content is saved.
A bug which caused Site Publisher to not honor the timezone of the server on which it is running has been corrected in an upstream patch.
A bug which overwrote any manually entered name applied to an uploaded PDF file with the file's original name has been corrected upstream.
An Unknown Error encountered when attempting to add a newly created category as content in a SCV portlet on a new page in the acme drive has been corrected in an upstream patch.
An initialization error in the DriverConnector service's constructor was found to be caused by the service calling the resourceBundleService.getResourceBundle method before the ResourceBundleService had been started.
A patch to the upstream code has introduced fallback clauses which prevent the error.