15.2. Level of support in JBoss Portal

The WSRP Technical Committee defined WSRP Use Profiles to help with WSRP interoperability. We will refer to terms defined in that document in this section.
JBoss Portal provides a Simple level of support for our WSRP Producer except that out-of-band registration is not currently handled. We support in-band registration and persistent local state (which are defined at the Complex level).
On the Consumer side, JBoss Portal provides a Medium level of support for WSRP, except that we only handle HTML markup (as Portal itself doesn't handle other markup types). We do support explicit portlet cloning and we fully support the PortletManagement interface.
As far as caching goes, we have Level 1 Producer and Consumer. We support Cookie handling properly on the Consumer and our Producer requires initialization of cookies (as we have found that it improved interoperability with some consumers). We don't support custom window states or modes, as Portal doesn't either. We do, however, support CSS on both the Producer (though it's more a function of the portlets than inherent Producer capability) and Consumer.
While we provide a complete implementation of WSRP 1.0, we do need to go through the Conformance statements and perform more interoperability testing (an area that needs to be better supported by the WSRP Technical Committee and Community at large).