6.3. JBoss Portal Descriptors

This section describes Datasource descriptors, which are required for JBoss Portal to communicate with a database, and briefly covers the jboss-portal.sar/conf/config.xml descriptor, which can be used for configuring logging, and configuring which page a user goes to when they log in.

6.3.1. Datasource Descriptors (portal-*-ds.xml)

JBoss Portal requires a Datasource descriptor to be deployed alongside the jboss-portal.sar, in order to communicate with a database. This section explains where to obtain template Datasource descriptors, how to compile them from source, and how to configure them for your installation. For an in-depth introduction to datasources, refer to the JBoss AS documentation online on the JBoss Datasource Wiki page. Datasource Descriptors included in Binary releases

Several template Datasource descriptors are included in the binary and bundled distributions of JBoss Portal. They are commonly located in the jboss-portal-version/setup/ directory:
The jboss-portal-version/setup/ directory contains sample Datasource descriptors for the MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, and Oracle databases, which can be customized for your own database: Building Datasource Descriptors from Source

To build the Datasource descriptors from source:
  1. Obtain the JBoss Portal source code:
  2. Configure the JBOSS_HOME environment variable:
  3. Change into the JBOSS_PORTAL_SOURCE_DIRECTORY/build/ directory. To build the JBoss Portal source code on Linux, run the sh build.sh deploy command, or, if you are running Windows, run the build.bat deploy command. If this is the first build, third-party libraries are obtained from an online repository, so you must be connected to the Internet. After building, if the JBOSS_PORTAL_SOURCE_DIRECTORY/thirdparty/ directory does not exist, it is created, and populated with the files required for later steps.
  4. Change into the JBOSS_PORTAL_SOURCE_DIRECTORY/core/ directory, and run the sh build.sh datasource command, or, if you are running Windows, run the build.bat datasource command:
Note: if the JBoss Portal source was not built as per step 3, the sh build.sh datasource and build.bat datasource commands fail with an error, such as the following:
java.io.FileNotFoundException: /jboss-portal-2.6.3.GA-src/core/../thirdparty/libraries.ent 
(No such file or directory)
The datasource build process produces the following directory and file structure, with the Datasource descriptors in the JBOSS_PORTAL_SOURCE_DIRECTORY/core/output/resources/setup directory:
The following is an example Datasource descriptor for a PostgreSQL database:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
Make sure the user-name, password, connection-url, and driver-class, are correct for your chosen database.