Chapter 13. Portal API

13.1. Introduction

JBoss Portal provides an Application Programming Interface (API) which allows to write code that interacts with the portal. The life time and validity of the API is tied to the major version which means that no changes should be required when code is written against the API provided by the JBoss Portal 2.x versions and used in a later version of JBoss Portal 2.x.
The Portal API package prefix is org.jboss.portal.api. All of the classes that are part of this API are prefixed with this package name except for the org.jboss.portal.Mode and org.jboss.portal.WindowState classes. These two classes were defined before the official Portal API framework was created and so the names have been maintained for backward compatibility.
The Portlet API defines two classes that represent a portion of the visual state of a Portlet which are javax.portlet.PortletMode and javax.portlet.WindowState. Likewise the Portal API defines similar classes named org.jboss.portal.Mode and org.jboss.portal.WindowState which offer comparable characteristics, the main differences are:
  • Usage of factory methods to obtain instances.
  • Classes implements the interface.
The Mode class
The WindowState class


In the Portal API, the Mode interface is named like this because it does represent the mode of some visual object. The Portlet API names it PortletMode because it makes the assumption that the underlying object is of type Portlet.