Chapter 18. JBoss Portal Identity Portlets

18.1. Introduction

Two Identity Portlets are shipped by default:
  • The User Portlet
  • The Identity Management Portlet
As the names indicate - the User Portlet is responsible for actions related to the end user. Whereas the Identity Management Portlet contains all the functionality for managing users and roles.


The Identity portlets will evolve over time, therefore usage and configuration might change.

18.1.1. Features

The identity portlets provide the following features:
  • Email verification: The users can receive an email with a link on which they must click to confirm the creation of the new account. (Disabled by default,see Section 18.2.4, “jBPM based user registration”)
  • Captcha support: The users are prompted to copy letters from a deformed image. (Disabled by default, see Section 18.2.1, “Captcha support”)
  • Lost password: The users can receive a new password by email, any user with access to the admin portlet can also reset another user's password and send the new one by email in one click. (Disabled by default, see Section 18.2.2, “Lost password”)
  • jBPM based user registration: Several business processes are available out of the box (this includes administration approval), this can be extended to custom ones. See Section 18.2.4, “jBPM based user registration”.
  • User and role management: Ability for the administrator to add and edit users as well as adding,