6.3.2. Portlet Debugging (jboss-portal.sar/conf/config.xml)

By default, JBoss Portal is configured to display all errors. This behavior can be configured by modifying the jboss-portal.sar/conf/config.xml file:
<!-- When a window has restrictedaccess : show or hide values are permitted -->
<entry key="core.render.window_access_denied">show</entry>
<!-- When a window is unavailable : show or hide values are permitted -->
<entry key="core.render.window_unavailable">show</entry>
<!-- When a window produces an error : show, hide or message_only values are permitted -->
<entry key="core.render.window_error">message_only</entry>
<!-- When a window produces an internal error : show, hide are permitted -->
<entry key="core.render.window_internal_error">show</entry>
<!-- When a window is not found : show or hide values are permitted -->
<entry key="core.render.window_not_found">show</entry>
For these parameters, accepted values are show and hide. Depending on the setting, and the actual error, either an error message is displayed, or a full stack trace within the portlet window occurs. Additionally, the core.render.window_error property supports the message_only value. The message_only value will only display an error message, whereas the show value will, if available, display the full stack trace.