15.6. Consuming remote WSRP portlets in JBoss Portal

15.6.1. Overview

To be able to consume WSRP portlets exposed by a remote producer, JBoss Portal's WSRP consumer needs to know how to access that remote producer. One can configure access to a remote producer using WSRP Producer descriptors. Alternatively, a portlet is provided to configure remote producers.
Once a remote producer has been configured, it can be made available in the list of portlet providers in the Management portlet on the Admin page of JBoss Portal. You can then examine the list of portlets that are exposed by this producer and configure the portlets just like you would for local portlets.
JBoss Portal's default configuration exposes some of the sample portlets for remote consumption. As a way to test the WSRP service, a default consumer has been configured to consume these portlets. To make sure that the service indeed works, check that there is a portlet provider with the self identifier in the portlet providers list in the Management portlet of the Admin page. All local portlets marked as remotable are exposed as remote portlets via the self portlet provider so that you can check that they work as expected with WSRP. The portal-wsrp.sar file contains a WSRP Producer descriptor (default-wsrp.xml) that configures this default producer. This file can be edited or removed if needed.