Chapter 14. Clustering Configuration

This section covers configuring JBoss Portal for a clustered environment.

14.1. Introduction

JBoss Portal leverages various clustered services that are found in JBoss Application Server. This section briefly details how each is leveraged:
  • JBoss Cache: Used to replicate data among the different hibernate session factories that are deployed in each node of the cluster.
  • JBoss HA Singleton:
    1. Used to make the deployer a singleton on the cluster, in order to avoid concurrency issues when deploying the various *-object.xml files. Without that, each node would try to create the same objects in the database when it deploys an archive containing such descriptors.
    2. Used with JCR. The Apache Jackrabbit server is not able to run in a cluster by itself, therefore we make a singleton on the cluster. This provides HA-CMS, which is similar to the current HA JBossMQ provided in JBoss AS.
  • HA-JNDI: Used to replicate a proxy that will talk to the HA CMS on the cluster.
  • Http Session Replication: Used to replicate the portal and the portlet sessions.
  • JBoss SSO: Used to replicate the user identity, an authenticated user does not have to login again when failover occurs.


JBoss Clustering details can be found in the Wiki.