26.3.2. Partial refresh

Partial refresh is a very powerful feature which allows the portal to optimize the refreshing of portlets on a page. When one portlet is invoked, instead of redrawing the full page, the portal is able to detect which portlets needs to be refreshed and will update only these portlets.
The portal providing partial refresh. Portal objects configuration

Like with the drag and drop feature, partial page refresh is controlled via properties on portal objects. The name of the property is theme.dyna.partial_refresh_enabled and its values can be true or false. When this property is set on an object it is automatically inherited by the sub hierarchy located under that object. By default the drag and drop feature is positioned on the dashboard object and not on the rest of the portal objects.


The partial page refresh feature is compatible with the Portal API. The Portal API allows programmatic update of the state of portlets at runtime. For instance it is possible to modify the window state or the mode of several portlets on a given page. When such event occurs, the portal detects the changes which occurred and will update the portlet fragments in the page.
It is possible to change that behavior at runtime using the property editor of the management portlet. If you want to enable partial refreshing on the default portal you should set the property to true directly on the portal and all the pages in that portal will automatically inherit those properties.
The default portal configured for partial page refresh