26.3. Ajaxified pages

The ajaxification of the portal pages can be configured in a fine grained manner. Thanks to the portal object properties it is possible to control which pages support ajax and which page do not support ajax. The administrator must pay attention to the fact that property values are inherited in the object hierarchy.

26.3.1. Drag and Drop

That feature is only effective in dashboards as it requires the offer personalization of the page layout per user. By default the feature is enabled thanks to a property set on the dashboard object. It is possible to turn off that property if the administrator does not want to expose that feature to its user.
In the file jboss-portal.sar/conf/data/default-object.xml is declared and configured the creation of the dashboard portal:
The property theme.dyna.dnd_enabled is set to the value true which means that the dashboard object will provide the drag and drop feature.