25.7. Theme Style Guide (based on the Industrial theme)

25.7.1. Overview


This section to be updated soon with new CSS selectors found in JBoss Portal 2.6. The current definitions remain, but the newer additions with regards to dashboards/drag-n-drop have not been documented as of yet.
This document outlines the different selectors used to handle the layout and look/feel of the Industrial theme included in the JBoss portal.
A couple of things to know about the theming approach discussed below:
  • Main premise behind this approach was to provide a clean separation between the business and presentation layer of the portal. As we go through each selector and explain the relation to the visual presentation on the page, this will become more apparent.
  • The flexibility of the selectors used in the theme stylesheet allow a designer to very easily customize the visual aspects of the portal, thereby taking the responsibility off of the developers hands through allowing the designer to quickly achieve the desired effect w/out the need to dive down into code and/or having to deploy changes to the portal. This saves time and allows both developers and designers to focus on what they do best.
  • This theme incorporates a liquid layout approach which allows elements on a page to expand/contract based on screen resolution and provides a consistent look across varying display settings. However, the stylesheet is adaptable to facilitate a fixed layout and/or combination approach where elements are pixel based and completely independent of viewport.
  • The pieces that make up the portal theme consist of at least one stylesheet and any associated images. Having a consolidated set of files to control the portal look and feel allows administrators to effortlessly swap themes on the fly. In addition, this clean separation of the pieces that make up a specific theme will enable sharing and collaboration of different themes by those looking to get involved or contribute to the open source initiative.