23.2. CMS Publish/Approve Workflow Service

The CMS Publish/Approval Workflow feature is turned on by default, so that every file that is created or updated needs to go through an approval process before it can be published to go live. The current implementation creates a pending queue for managers. The managers can then either approve or reject the publishing of the document in question.

23.2.1. How to activate this feature?

The CMS Publish/Approval Workflow feature can be activated by uncommenting the ApprovePublishWorkflow attribute of the portal:service=CMS mbean in portal-cms.sar/META-INF/jboss-service.xml:


      <!-- Add this to activate publish/approval workflow integration -->
      <!-- <depends optional-attribute-name="ApprovePublishWorkflow" proxy-type="attribute">portal:service=ApprovePublish,type=Workflow</depends> -->