22.4.2. Service Configuration Tuning Apache Jackrabbit

JBoss Portal uses Apache Jackrabbit as its Java Content Repository implementation. Configuration of the service descriptor, allows for changing many of the variables associated with the service.
Here is the default configuration for the CMS repository found under portal-cms.sar/META-INF-INF/jboss-service.xml
<attribute name="DoChecking">true</attribute>
<attribute name="DefaultContentLocation">portal/cms/conf/default-content/default/</attribute>
<attribute name="DefaultLocale">en</attribute>
<attribute name="RepositoryName">PortalRepository</attribute>
<attribute name="HomeDir">${jboss.server.data.dir}${/}portal${/}cms${/}conf</attribute>
Below is a list of items found in the service descriptor and their definitions. Only items commonly changed are covered here and it is recommended you do not change any others unless you are very brave.
  • DoChecking: Should the portal attempt to check for the existence of the repository configuration files and default content on startup?
  • DefaultContentLocation: Location of the default content used to pre-populate the repository.
  • DefaultLocale: Two-letter abbreviation of the default locale the portal should use when fetching content for users. A complete ISO-639 list can be found here .
  • HomeDir: Location of configuration information for the repository when in 100% FileSystem store mode. Otherwise, its in the database.