16.4.4. Configuring an authorization domain

Configuring a domain can be done through the DomainConfigurator interface
public interface DomainConfigurator
   Set getSecurityBindings(String uri);
   void setSecurityBindings(String uri, Set securityBindings)
           throws SecurityConfigurationException;
   void removeSecurityBindings(String uri) throws SecurityConfigurationException;
The various methods of that interface allows to configure security bindings for a given resource where a resource is naturally identified by an URI. The org.jboss.portal.security.RoleSecurityBinding object is an object which encapsulate a role name and a set of actions bound to this role.
RoleSecurityBinding binding1 = new RoleSecurityBinding(Collections.singleton("view"), "Admin");
RoleSecurityBinding binding2 = new RoleSecurityBinding(Collections.singleton("view"), "User");
Set bindings = new HashSet();
configurator.setSecurityBinding(pageURI, bindings);