16.4.2. The authorization provider

The org.jboss.portal.security.spi.provider.AuthorizationDomain is an interface which provides access to several services.
public interface AuthorizationDomain
   String getType();
   DomainConfigurator getConfigurator();
   PermissionRepository getPermissionRepository();
   PermissionFactory getPermissionFactory();
  • org.jboss.portal.security.spi.provider.DomainConfigurator provides configuration access to an authorization domain. The authorization schema is very simple as it consists of bindings between URI, roles and permissions.
  • org.jboss.portal.security.spi.provider.PermissionRepository provides runtime access to the authorization domain. Usually it is used to retrieve the permissions for a specific role and URI. It is used at runtime by the framework to take security decisions.
  • org.jboss.portal.security.spi.provider.PermissionFactory is a factory to instantiate permissions for the specific domain. It is used at runtime to create permissions objects of the appropriate type by the security framework.