16.3.2. The portal servlet

The portal defines a single servlet to take care of all portal requests. The class name of that servlet is org.jboss.portal.server.servlet.PortalServlet. That servlet needs to be declared two times with different configurations otherwise the portal would not be able to know about some request details which are important.
  • PortalServletWithPathMapping is used for path mapping mappings.
  • PortalServletWithDefaultServletMapping is used for the default servlet mapping.
The portal servlet is mapped four times with different semantics, the differences between the semantics are related to the transport layer. Each one of those for mappings will have the same request meaning for the portal beside the transport aspect. By default those mappings are
  • /* : the default access, does not define any security constraint. This is the default access that everybody uses.
  • /sec/* : the secured access, requires https usage. It is triggered when a portlet is defined as secure or when a secure portlet link is created. It requires the configuration of the https connector in JBoss Web. The JBoss Application Server documentation provides more information about it.
  • /auth/* : the authenticated access, requires the user to be authenticated to be used.
  • /authsec/* : combine the two previous options into a single one.
Usually ones should not care much about those mappings as the portal will by itself switch to the most appropriate mapping.