15.3. Deploying JBoss Portal's WSRP services

JBoss Portal provides a complete support of WSRP 1.0 standard interfaces and offers both consumer and producer services. WSRP support is provided by the portal-wsrp.sar service archive, included in the main jboss-portal.sar service archive, if you've obtained JBoss Portal from a binary distribution. If you don't intend on using WSRP, we recommend that you remove portal-wspr.sar from the main jboss-portal.sar service archive.
If you've obtained the source distribution of JBoss Portal, you need to build and deploy the WSRP service separately. Once JBoss Portal is installed, navigate to JBOSS_PORTAL_HOME_DIRECTORY/wsrp and type: build deploy At the end of the build process, portal-wsrp.sar is copied to JBOSS_HOME/server/default/deploy.

15.3.1. Considerations to use WSRP when running Portal on a non-default port or hostname

If you have modified the port number on which Portal runs or bound your Application Server to a specific host name, you will also need update the port and/or hostname information for WSRP as found on JBoss Portal's wiki.