14.3. JBoss Portal Clustered Services

14.3.1. Portal Session Replication

The portal associates with each user a http session in order to keep specific objects such as:
  • Navigational state : this is mainly the state of different portlet windows that the user will manipulate during its interactions with the portal. For instance a maximized portlet window with specific render parameters.
  • WSRP objects : the WSRP protocol can require to provide specific cookies during interactions with a remote portlet.
Replicating the portal session ensures that this state will be kept in sync on the cluster, e.g The user will see exactly the same portlet window on every node of the cluster. The activation of the portal session replication is made through the configuration of the web application that is the main entry point of the portal. This setting is available in the file jboss-portal.sar/portal-server.war/WEB-INF/web.xml
   <description>JBoss Portal</description>
   <!-- Comment/Uncomment to enable portal session replication -->