10.3.2. Configuring content

As explained before, the portal will call the portlet using the edit_content mode. In that mode the portlet and the portal will communicate using either action or render parameters. We have two use cases which are:
  • The portal needs to configure a new content item for a new window. In that use case the portal will not send special render parameters to the portlet and the initial set of render parameters will be empty. The portlet can then use render parameters in order to provide navigation in the content repository. For example the portlet can navigate the CMS tree and store the current CMS path in the render parameters. Whenever the portlet has decided to tell the portal that content has been selected by the user it needs to trigger a JSR-286 event with the uri and eventual parameters as payload.
  • The second use case happens when the portal needs to edit existing content. In such situation everything works as explained before except that the initial set of render parameters of the portlet will be prepopulated with the content uri URI and parameters.