10.2. Content customization

Content providers must be able to allow the user or administrator to chose content from the external resource it integrates in the portal in order to properly configure a portal window. A few interactions between the portal, the content provider and the portal user are necessary to achieve that goal. Here again it is possible to provide content customization using a JSR 286 Portlet. For that purpose two special portlet modes called edit_content and select_content has been introduced. It signals to the portlet that it is selecting or editing the content portion of the state of a portlet. select_content is used to select a new content to put in a window while edit_content is used to modify the previously defined content, often the two modes will display the same thing. The traditional edit mode is not used because the edit mode is more targeted to configure how the portlet shows content to the end user rather than what content it shows.
Example of content customization - CMS Portlet