3.5. Configuring proxy settings

There are a couple of scenarios where you need your proxy to be correctly defined at the JVM™ level so that you can access documents from Internet. It could be to get the thirdparty libraries if you decided to build JBoss Portal from the sources, to access RSS feeds or weather information in the samples portlet we provide or for your own needs.
To configure the proxy settings, you need to know the proxy host and the port to use. Then, add them when starting Java.
Usually setting up JAVA_OPTS environment variable to -Dhttp.proxyHost=YOUR_PROXY_HOST -Dhttp.proxyPort=YOUR_PROXY_PORT is enough.


If the proxy requires authentication, it is also possible to pass username and password by specifying those additional parameters: -Dhttp.proxyUser=MYUSERNAME -Dhttp.proxyPassword=MYPASSWORD