2.2.8. Support for Custom Facelets Components

Visual Page Editor supports custom Facelets tag libraries both declared in the web.xml file (for details, see Creating a component) and packed into a JAR file.


In case of Facelets tag library packed in .jar, remember to put *.taglib.xml in right place: [filename].jar/META-INF/*.taglib.xml
Visual Page Editor recognizes the tags from the custom Facelets tag library and correctly renders them both in source and visual view of the editor.
Custom Facelets Tags in the VPE

Figure 2.89. Custom Facelets Tags in the VPE

While editing an XHTML file that uses a custom Facelets components you can always make use of the following editor's features: Content Assist for Custom Facelets Components

Call the content assist as usual by using Ctrl+Space when typing a tag. You should see the custom Facelets tags defined in your Facelets tag library listed as proposals.
Content Assist for Custom Facelets Tags

Figure 2.90. Content Assist for Custom Facelets Tags