Chapter 12. Known Issues

  • Summary: ocs-setup -u fails to udate the system, with the message OCS setup script does not seem to have run in this machine, cannot upgrade.
    Details: RHHPC 5.1 used to utalize a lockfile mechanism to control if the system had been installed. This has been moved to the database where the state is stored. However, when upgrading from OCS 5.1, this file still needs to be tested. If this file is removed, then ocs-setup -u will not correctly trigger.
    Work around: Run the following command before re-running ocs-setup -u:
    #touch /var/lock/subsys/ocs-setup
  • Summary: After updating the system then removing and installing the updated cacti kit, the graphs do not display properly.
    Details: The cacti user's home directory was not created properly with RHHPC 5.2's cacti kit. This has a knock on effect when updating the cacti kit because the rpms do not recreate the user, if the user already exists.
    Work around: Run the following command prior to running the updated install-kit-cacti kit installer script:
    # userdel cacti
  • Summary: The ganglia user can sometimes not be created when installing ganglia, causing the services to fail.
    Details: An interaction with the other addon kits can sometimes cause the ganglia user to be not created.
    Symptoms: Running gmond and gmetad fail, user ganglia does not exist.
    Workaround: Run the following commands to create the ganglia user and permission the directories correctly:
    #useradd -d /var/lib/ganglia -s /sbin/nologin ganglia
    #cd /var/lib/ganglia/
    #chown ganglia:ganglia rrds
    #service gmond restart
    #service gmetad restart